Neetai - GST Billing & Accounting

GST Billing and accounting software is use full in every business segment, where you can manage your stock, sale bill, purchase bill, challan, quotation, GST report and many more.

Smart Visa - VISA Immigration

Visa immigration software manage your  enquiries followup, steps of billing, remaining payments, employee payroll.

Service Pro - AMC Service Reminder

Service reminder system helps in Electronic, R/O , A/C and many more electronic item's, its related to services which  comes in year, a single item need 4 services like RO, it will remind in the system.

EMS - Event Management System

Event Management system can manage your all enquires with different different places, order process, booking process, whatsApp billing, and feed back system 

Prop- Real Estate System

Real estate system where you can upload your all property with city, area, pin code  or all details related to house, apartment, office and more..