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GST Billing and Accounting Software

if you need customer information and how much is your stock left and how much has been sold and information about the customer’s bill like when purchased, how much amount is paid or pending, this all information stored in single software its called billing software https://www.ampalainfo.com/project/gst-billing-and-accounting/

How much have you sold and how much have you bought, this software generates all sales and purchase file, and then after software will calculate automatically all sales and purchase data and then after it will give us GST Report, that how much we have to pay tax,

this system gives us accounting report like a Profit and loss, treding and also graphic wise report how much we are sold in this month or last month

gst billing software in vadodara
GST Billing and accounting software in vadodara

This GST billing and accounting system includes all features like

  • Sales invoice
  • Sales Return
  • Purchase invoice
  • Purchase Return
  • Quotation
  • Challan
  • Stock maintain
  • Stock IN OUT
  • Sales bill on email
  • Payment reminder
  • Chaque printing
  • Bank or Cash book
  • Supplier entry and credit debit
  • Outstanding Report
  • Ledger Statement
  • Income Expense Entry
  • Multiple User, Multi Company
  • GST Tax report
  • Stock Report
  • Accounting Report

GST means Goods and Services Tax, there is two types of tax direct and indirect, a direct tax is that which we are paying directly to government like a income tax and indirect is when we are buying cloths or expense on personal uses like t-shirt, mobile phones whose price is 40,000, this is including all tax, that is paid by shopkeeper or manufactures that is called indirect tax, so GST is Indirect Tax, which is not related to direct tax.

#1 Billing software provider in vadodara or surat

We are proving best GST billing and accounting software in vadodara and surat, over 2000+ clients are using our system, this system working online as well as offline but mostly used in online, this is fully secured java based system configuration required minimum 2GB Ram or window 7 or above in offline, this is mobile or tablet responsive software in cloud based, which helps you to used this system anywhere, contact us for billing software https://www.ampalainfo.com/project/gst-billing-and-accounting/

for customizable software contact us on http://ampala.in/ else https://www.ampalainfo.com/software-development/

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