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Bulk SMS Service

Ampala Info Services Successfully Provide Transactional & Promotional Bulk SMS service in vadodara or surat, now exploring in other city. 

Best Promotional & Transactional sms service provider  in vadodara or surat, ( text messages, short message ) this system helps you to promoting your business and branding, so you can easily reminder your customer, this system allows you to send massages in multiple languages like hindi, english, gujarati, marathi and so many, you have to simply upload excel file else copy past numbers in phone number section and type your text in massage box or you can create template for future use, this will helps you to writing again and again


Dashboard shows your weekly send sms, Monthly or credit consumed and graphical report of sms.

  • Message : send sms, Sender id
  • Contact : Add Contact, Add group, Upload excel
  • Report : Delivered SMS, OLD Report 
  • Advance Report : Delivered SMS, OLD Report
  • API Service
  • Credit and Refund Logs

Send SMS

Go to the Message and Add Sender id ( Sender id must be minimum 6 keyword or maximum 6 Keyword, Ex: AMPALA) after creating sender id you have to must wait for 10 to 15 minutes for approval, its showing green mark after approving.

Now go to the send SMS   > select > Route > Promo DND > Select Sender id >(your company name)


Now go to the send SMS   > select > Route > Transactional > Select Sender id >(your company name)

1-Contacts > Copy Paste > (Copy Excel number and paste into the Box)

2-Contact> Upload File> (Select Excel )

3-Contact> Groups>( Select group) Means Contact number which you add in system.

Total Number (EX:46), Remove Duplicate Option is automatic delete same number, Invalid Number auto removed, 

1-SMS Type > Select Text > if you want to send simple sms

2-SMS Type > Select Flash > if you want to send Popup sms

3-SMS Type > Select WAP-push  > if you want to send website link

4-SMS Type > Select Unicode > if you want to send SMS in multiple languages 

5-SMS Type > Select Dynamic > if you want to send SMS with Client NAME

Now Click Launch Campaign 


Go to the Reports & Stats > Click on View DLR : Current reports shows your sms campaign delivered or not,

Reports & Stats >Scheduled SMS shows your auto sending sms report.

Bulk SMS Service

best bulk sms service in vadodara

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