bulk whatsapp ahmedabad

Whatsapp Marketing

Send event, news, schedule, offer, discount or any informational messages on whatsapp.

Virtual Number

In One-way bulk, WhatsApp communication system used to promote brands, like malls, stores, shop, one way WhatsApp have unique virtual numbers so that each and every customer received your message via unique virtual numbers, you can not receive any replies from the customers.

Personal Number

In Two way bulk whatsapp communication service, you can send whatsapp messages via your numbers and get replies from customers to your number

Comparison in One Way or Two Way Communication Bulk Whatsapp

One Way Communication ( Risk FREE )

  • You have to purchase credits of whatsapp.
  • No Limitation of sending ( you can send daily thousands of whatsapp messages on thousands of contact in vadodara )
  • No require personal number ( Send via multiple virtual numbers )
  • You can send 4 images 1 video or  pdf at a time.
  • You can’t able to receive replies  from customers because of one way system, you are able to send information ( but for the response you should add your contact details in your content so that your customer get to connect with you 
  • You will get reports of sent whatsapp, non-whatsapp, undelivered.

Two Way Communication ( On Risk )

  • No need purchase credits of whatsapp.
  • Limitation of sending ( you can send daily  100 No of whatsapp messages on 100 no of contact)
  • Require personal number ( High Risk Of  whatsapp banned issue )
  • You can send unlimited images, videos or pdf at a time.
  • You will get replies  from your customer because of two way system
  • You will get reports of sent WhatsApp, non-whatsapp, un delivered .