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Drag & Drop WhatsApp Chatbot Builder

Let’s Build No Code WhatsApp Chatbot API Builder With Easy Drag & Drop Features.

WhatsApp ChatBot API Features

We have cool drag and drop design features which enhance your user experience to build auto reply whatsapp chatbots.

WhatsApp Chatbot API

Button Chatbot

WhatsApp Button chatbot allows easy user interaction (ex: YES, NO )
user input WhatsApp Chatbot API for business

Recieve Inputs

Receive Text, Number, Phone Number, Email, Date, URL, File As a input from user
WhatsApp Chatbot API

List Chatbot

Whatsapp List Chatbot features allows you to create multiple lines of list (ex: services)
WhatsApp Chatbot API for business

Chatbot API Call

Integrate with existing system for dynamic chatbot
WhatsApp Chatbot API

Text/Media Chatbot

Send Image, Video, PDF, Documents Via Text Media Chatbot
Jason import export WhatsApp Chatbot API for business

Import / Export Json

Import and export chatbot in json format
WhatsApp Chatbot API for business

Template Chatbot

Send WhatsApp Approved Template with help of chatbot
Multi bot WhatsApp Chatbot API for business

Multiple Bot Creation

Group wise multiple bot creation
Whatsapp chatbot builder ampala

Create Flow Chart Easily

Official Verified WhatsApp Chatbot Builder – a platform designed to empower businesses with seamless and highly engaging interactions on WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging platform. Our feature of chatbot builder simplifies the process of creating and deploying chatbots, ensuring a premium and authentic user experience.

Follow Steps To Complete WhatsApp Chatbot API

  1. Goto Bots Section
  2. Click on New Bot – Enter Name & Save (Ex : Ampala WhatsApp )
  3. Click on Saved Bot Name 
  4. Enter and create New Bot Flow Name ( Ex : WhatsApp Chatbot )
  5. Enter Trigger Text EX : ( When some one send message by this keyword “chatbot guid”)
  6. Save
  1. Enter or click on in bot flow name
  2.  Drag & Drop Elements Like, Text, Button, List
  3. Let’s Suppose Taken Button – Goto Configure option – select button with text, audio, video, image, document
  4. Enter Your Message in Body Section
  5. Footer Section ( You can put your website link or any text )
  6. Button Text – Should be your button name
  7. Trigger Text – Should be user input keyword
  8. Save and make a connection between elements ( example shown in above image )