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Experience the best official Green Tick Verified Business Bulk WhatsApp Surat API service through Ampala Marketing, a leading service provider in Surat. We offer both virtual number WhatsApp and personal number software, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.

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Auto Reply WhatsApp Chatbot

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Verified Business API Bulk WhatsApp Surat

Welcome to AIS, an official Bulk WhatsApp service provider company located in Surat. As the world’s largest instant messaging platform, the WhatsApp API has become a crucial tool for businesses looking to reach their customers. Moreover, our company specializes in providing innovative solutions to help businesses effectively engage and communicate with their target audience through WhatsApp.

We are proud to offer an official Business Bulk WhatsApp API in Surat that delivers unparalleled results. Whether you are looking to send large numbers of messages in an automated and efficient manner or manage all your WhatsApp communication from a single platform, we have the solution for you. Additionally, with our cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, we are dedicated to helping businesses succeed in the digital world.

Every Time Getting Banned On Whatsapp ?

Verified Business API Bulk WhatsApp Surat

If your WhatsApp is getting blocked again and again, it indicates that you might be sending messages with the help of illegal software. Meta is banning lakhs of people’s WhatsApp accounts every month. However, if you want to send unlimited messages on WhatsApp without being banned, we offer Meta’s official WhatsApp API and platform. With this, you’ll be able to send millions of messages to millions of people in a single day.

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Bulk whatsapp Surat | WhatsApp API Service Provider in Surat

Our WhatsApp API software is crafted to streamline your efforts, saving you time while amplifying your reach and engagement. Through advanced features such as message scheduling, contact filtering, and message personalization, you gain the flexibility to effortlessly tailor and automate your WhatsApp campaigns, ensuring maximum impact.

Bulk WhatsApp Messaging

Send your promotion and transactional message.

Contact Group Creation

Upload Excel as well as manually copy past

Live Chat On WhatsApp

Chat with customer through Ampala CRM and Mobile App

AI Chatbot Builder

Build Chatbot with the help of drag and drop

Followup Reminder

Set Customer followup reminder with each track record

API Integration

Connect Existing System With WhatsApp API

Chat Responce Download

Download all chat replies of customers.

Multi-User Creation

Create Multi User and assign chat department wise


Summery and all conversation reports are accessible

Customized Solution

We Customize CRM according business’s need

Lead Capture

With Access AIS CRM you can manage your lead, invoice.

Call Support

Our dedicated team are available to help you on call.

Comparison Official Verified Business WhatsApp API & Bulk Marketing Service Surat

Bulk WhatsApp refers to the process of sending large numbers of messages, videos, images, and other types of media to multiple WhatsApp contacts simultaneously. It is typically used for marketing or promotional purposes by businesses, organizations, and individuals. Real about all Softwares

The WhatsApp API, introduced through Meta, enables companies to verify their documents and send millions of messages from a single number without being blocked. Moreover, it offers numerous features such as an auto-reply chatbot, call-to-action buttons, and many more.

With the help of WhatsApp software, you can send messages, but up to a limit. However, there is a risk that your number may be banned if you send 50 or 100 messages. In fact, you could be banned permanently.

With the help of WhatsApp software, you can send messages, but up to a limit. However, there is a risk that your number may be banned if you send 50 or 100 messages. In fact, you could be banned permanently.Green tick Verified Whatsapp is Meta verified whatsapp which is used to broadcast messaging and pre define chatbots, API integration  with existing systems and so on.

  1. Need Documents For Verification ( GST Or Business Proof, Website, Email, Social Media Page )
  2. No Banning Risk Because its Meta Verified
  3. Per Initiation Will be Charged by Meta ( Each Conversation will active for 24 hours  FREE Of Cost)
  4. Pre Chatbot Setup ( Auto Reply )
  5. Template Registration
  6. API Setup
  7. Webhook
  8. Customer Followup Reminder
  9. Mobile App / Web App Access   

Ampala provides chat bot and API system to integrate into existing running web application or software, whether you want to share bill copy or brochure directly to your customer.
Also when someone visits your website and at that time enter WhatsApp mobile number in given form then chat bot automatically send message through WhatsApp.

Virtual WhatsApp is a panel where you can send millions of WhatsApp messages, but you will not receive customer replies. However, in this type of panel, only 30 to 40% of your messages are delivered. Consequently, it is referred to as one-way communication.

In One-way bulk, WhatsApp communication system used to promote brands, like malls, stores, shop, one way WhatsApp have unique virtual numbers so that each and every customer received your message via unique virtual numbers, you can not receive any replies from the customers.

  1. You should have to purchase credits of whatsapp.
  2. No Limitation of sending ( you can send daily lakhs of whatsapp messages on lakhs of contact in Mumbai )
  3. You can send 4 images 1 video or  pdf buttons at a time.
  4. You can’t receive replies  from your customers because of one way system, you are able to send informations ( but for response you should add your contact details in your content so that your audience get connect with you 
  5. Get Delivery reports of sent whatsapp, non-whatsapp, un delivered  users of your city ( Surat )

In Two way bulk whatsapp communication service, you can send whatsapp messages trough your number and get replies from customers on your number.

  1. No need to purchase credits of whatsapp.
  2. Limitation of sending ( you can send daily  200 to 800 No of whatsapp messages through single personal number (Whatsapp service in Surat)
  3. Require personal number ( Little bit Risk Of whatsapp banned issue )
  4. You can send Unlimited images, video or  pdf at a time.
  5. You will get  replies  from your customers because of two way system
  6. Get Delivery Reports of sent whatsapp, non-whatsapp, un delivered  users ( Surat)