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Experience the best official Green Tick Verified Business Bulk WhatsApp Surat API service through Ampala Marketing, a leading service provider in Surat. We offer both virtual number WhatsApp and personal number software, ensuring top-notch performance and reliability.

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Official Meta WhatsApp API

Official Verified Green Tick Whatsapp allows you to manage existing customer with chat bot and broadcast messages without getting banned.


WhatsApp Sender Software

Premium Bulk Whatsapp sender software with unlimited whatsapp number login account and number rotation.


Virtual WhatsApp Panel

Send Unlimited one way communication message through virtual credit based  bulk whatsapp web panel.

Every business is moving on WhatsApp API, Spread the word about your business before your competitors do.


Meta Verified WhatsApp API

The WhatsApp API, introduced through Meta, enables companies to verify their documents and send millions of messages from a single number without being blocked. Moreover, it offers numerous features such as an auto-reply chatbot, call-to-action buttons, and many more.

Important: Best use of whatsapp api

Overall whatsapp api is useful for lead generation, Automation, Broadcasting, API Integration, if you don’t want to be banned on whatsapp then this system is perfect for businesses.

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WhatsApp API Features

Business WhatsApp API Service Provider in surat

WhatsApp Broadcasting

Chatbot Automation

API Integration for OTP / Invoice

Buttons & Call To Action Buttons

Shared team Inbox

Statistics and Reports

WhatsApp E-Commerce Store

Appointment Booking

Customer Follow Up CRM

CTWA ( Click To Whatsapp Ads )

There have been major changes between businesses and customer communication, with the rise of WhatsApp messaging platform, businesses are looking for a new way to connect with their customers. The solution to this is WhatsApp API, through which businessmen can easily connect with their customers and share their information with them.

Key functionalities of WhatsApp API that are available now are as follows:

Over View Of WhatsAp API Platform

Leading Official Verified WhatsApp API Service Provider In surat

Welcome to AIS, a official Bulk Business WhatsApp API service provider in surat. As the world’s largest instant messaging platform, the WhatsApp API has become a crucial tool for businesses looking to reach their customers. Moreover, our company specializes in providing innovative solutions to help businesses effectively engage and communicate with their target audience through WhatsApp.

Now run your business on auto mode and connect with your customers with Official Meta Verified Business WhatsApp API Solution.

Every Time Getting Banned On Whatsapp ?

Whatsapp marketing API Service Provider surat

If your WhatsApp is getting blocked again and again, it indicates that you might be sending messages with the help of illegal software. Meta is banning lakhs of people’s WhatsApp accounts every month. However, if you want to send unlimited messages on WhatsApp without being banned, we offer Meta’s official WhatsApp API and platform. With this, you’ll be able to send millions of messages to millions of people in a single day.
Send your promotion and transactional message. Chat with customer through Ampala CRM and Mobile App. Create Multi User and assign chat department wise. Build Chatbot with the help of drag and drop

Reach multiple customers at once with campaigns. With ampala Businesses can track campaign outcomes and on that basis, perform important actions.

In addition to providing WhatsApp API service, we offer a platform that seamlessly integrates with any CRM or ERP, allowing you to send your invoices and OTP automatically.

Frequently asked questions

WhatsApp Business is a single phase app meant to facilitate interaction between small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) with customers on WhatsApp. The application has business profiles, labels,messaging tools, and statistical functions that are useful to promote communication as well as customer engagement.

Also Known as the WhatsApp Business API, Whatsapp API is a product of Whatsapp which enables big organizations and companies to incorporate WhatsApp’s messaging features into their present systems and processes. It lets corporates send automated messages, notifications, and render support services effectively at scale.

No, messaging using WhatsApp API is not free, businesses using it have to pay a fee to send or receive messages, or these charges depend on the type of message you are sending.
WhatsApp api has a time frame of 24 hours, so WhatsApp does not charge you for each message, it is charged in the same way as a business initiation or another user initiation if you have sent a marketing message to a customer.
You will be charged for your marketing message during this period, now you or your customer can chat for 24 hours without any charges.
And if your customer messages you first or replies to you after 24 hours, then it is called user initiation,Meta gives you 1000 free messages of user intent every month

There are some criteria for Green Badge which will help your business in getting Green Badge on WhatsApp.

  • First of all you have to use WhatsApp API platform in which the limit of your messages should be 10000 to 100000.
  • Your business must not be run by an individual, such as a sole proprietor
  • Your business should have an online presence, if you have written an article or blog about your business on a website, keep in mind that paid service will not count.

The charges taken by the platform are for the services and tools that the provider provides to you for your business.

Service Provision: The provider provides you with all the services like managing your business account, helping in verification, API integration, technical support, Fixing every problem related to your accounts by keeping WhatsApp’s policy in mind

Value-added Services: In this, advanced service is provided to you, like chatbot for WhatsApp, advanced report tools with the help of which you can analyze the report, consulting with experts, Fees may include charges for these additional services, providing additional value to businesses looking to customize their WhatsApp communication strategies.

Infrastructure Costs: To run the WhatsApp API platform, infrastructure has to be managed which includes development, updation, managing the database, operating the networks, all this is included in the charge of the platform.

Compliance and Security: The provider invests in ensuring that WhatsApp meets its requirements such as security and data protection regulations to ensure that user data remains safe.

Continuous Improvement: The provider always keeps improving its services every now and then to meet the evolving needs of businesses and comply with WhatsApp’s updates and changes.Whose platform is also charged for research and development, whose users get new updates.

Some companies consider the charge of the platform as an additional expense, while they do not realize that all the processes are managed in the background to run the platform smoothly.
Companies are offered benefits of the platform such as reliability, efficiency, support and compliance with WhatsApp’s rules. It is important for the business to take advantage of all the features or better services.

Integrating your business with WhatsApp API can give you a lot of advantages and opportunities. Firstly, it allows you to reach your clients where they already are – on WhatsApp. The platform has billions of people who use it every day presenting a tremendous chance to interact with the target audience in a comfortable way. Thus, plugging this application programming interface will allow for millions of users and establishing direct communication channels.

Moreover, automating messages via whatsapp api integration saves time and resources that enhance consistency and timely communications. Frequently asked queries might have auto-responses set up; order confirmations with delivery notices can be sent out among others while personalized suggestions depending on client preferences provided.

More so, another great advantage that comes with integrating WhatsApp API for your business is the ability to run targeted marketing campaigns. By using customer data and behavioral patterns you can personalize promotion campaigns that strike a chord with your customers. Consequently, sending customized messages, promotions or offers will boost customer involvement levels leading into more conversions which raise brand

One of the greatest things that make you embrace WhatsApp API in your business is how it enhances customer communication. The WhatsApp platform is very familiar and user-friendly to clients which makes it easier for them to interact with your brand. When you offer support and talk via WhatsApp, you will be able to meet what the customers expect hence provide a seamless experience.

Emails are not as effective as real-time conversations when it comes to addressing customer questions or concerns as fast as possible in a non-automated manner. It shows trust among customers, implies that their time is precious and there’s room for improvement. Instant response will assist in maintaining a positive impression towards the customers thereby leaving them satisfied with your brand.

Additionally, WhatsApp API integration eases tracking of orders. For example, customers can get shipping notifications and delivery confirmations about their orders through WhatsApp at any stage of delivery process instantly. This means they do not have to open emails every now and then or keep on checking another app for tracking purposes; therefore, making it more convenient by providing easier accessibililty during the buying period.


WhatsApp Sender Software

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Service provider in surat

Our Bulk WhatsApp sender service in surat  allows you to send messages to multiple contacts  on WhatsApp. Improve your communication with personalized messages and detailed delivery reports, you just have to scan code and verify your all multiple device in single system

Important : Best use of whatsapp sender software

Using Sender Software is risky to getting banned on whatsapp but However you can use this software to send message to existing contacts, or 

Business Whatsapp API Dubai
  • Send WhatsApp through more than one number
  • Broadcast Any Media File.
  • Add multiple number in a system
  • Use with mobile or any device ( Software installation )
  • You Can Send Polls Message
  • Auto Res-ponder and Auto Sender
  • Group data grabber 
  • Save Contact / Template in whatsapp system
  • Download Report
  • Add Contact Group Manually as well as Excel Upload

Frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Sender

With the help of WhatsApp software, you can send messages, but up to a limit. However, there is a risk that your number may be banned if you send 150 or 200 messages. In fact, you could be banned permanently.

To protect from being banned, use older number to send message, it works safely  when you send bulk whatsapp message to existing contact with  you already had conversation on whatsapp.


Virtual WhatsApp Web Panel

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Service provider in surat

Virtual WhatsApp is a panel where you can send millions of WhatsApp messages, but you will not receive customer replies. However, in this type of panel, only 70 to 80% of your messages are delivered. Consequently, it is referred to as one-way communication.

Important : Best use of Virtual whatsapp panel

Best for sending information, offers, or promotion, example – you can promote your stores in your local area. ( Not recommended for lead generation )

Official Business WhatsApp API Bulk Marketing Service Provider in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Malaysia, Pune, Mumbai, Brazil
  • Send 1 Lakh WhatsApp Per Day
  • Broadcast Any Media File.
  • Prepaid System ( Credit based )
  • Non-WhatsApp Credit Refund
  • Use with mobile or any device
  • 90% Ratio of Delivery and Report
  • Download Report

Frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Sender

One-way communication is used to send information or store promotional activity, due to one-way communication we are not able to get any reply from the recipient, suppose if you have a store in surat and now you want to promote offers or information on WhatsApp. If you want, you can send up to 1 lakh messages at a time through the virtual WhatsApp panel.

Virtual numbers are often used in bulk WhatsApp messaging to avoid being banned for violating the platform’s terms of service. These virtual numbers are phone numbers that are not tied to a physical SIM card or device; instead, they are redirected to a different phone number or system. Consequently, when using virtual numbers for bulk WhatsApp messaging, the messages are sent from the virtual number itself, not the personal number of the sender.

Broadcast Millions Of WhatsApp messages through Virtual Numbers in a single day Called One way communication.

Virtual numbers are often used in bulk WhatsApp messaging to avoid being banned for violating the platform’s terms of service. Virtual numbers are phone numbers that are not tied to a physical SIM card or device, but instead are redirected to a different phone number or system. When using virtual numbers for bulk WhatsApp messaging, the messages are sent from the virtual number, not the personal number of the sender.