One Way Communication

Virtual Bulk WhatsApp

Send Lakhs of whatsapp messages through virtual bulk whatsapp web panel ( One way communication ).

Send With Polls & Media

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Send Media & Text

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Mobile Application

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How it Works

This is simple and easy to access online cloud base virtual whatsapp panel for branding purpose.

Just copy and past your data from excel to panel.

Upload Media & Creat Polls buttons.

Simply click on send button, its hardly takes 2 hours to deliver messages.

Questions and Answers

We at Ampala Virtual WhatsApp marketing Service provider is the leading solution for businesses looking to communicate with their target audience in a direct and impactful way. With an intuitive platform, businesses can easily create and send bulk messages, manage contacts, and track results to continually improve their marketing strategies. The result is a cost-effective and efficient way to reach customers and drive growth. Choose our WhatsApp marketing provider for a solution that delivers results and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Virtual Bulk Whatsapp is a system designed for one-way communication. It allows you to send thousands or even lakhs of messages through a virtual web panel for branding, election campaigns, and raising awareness. However, it does not support receiving replies from recipients due to its one-way nature.

Bulk whatsapp virtual web panel are comes with multiple virtual numbers which is used to deliver your message to large number of contacts. each message will be deliver through different number, its also called one way communication.

It allows you to send WhatsApp to millions of users with inbuilt virtual numbers without getting a reply.

Virtual whatsapp web panel allows to send 100,000 Message at a time with button option, you can promote your informative wp message for your store, organization, Malls, events. 

Yes, you can send 10,000 to 100,000 whatsapp messages through virtual whatsapp at a single time.

No, Because of using virtual number there is no such a banned concept in this bulk whatsapp web panel.

it is credit base web whatsapp system, so you have to purchase credits from ampala info services, credits validity are life time, once it is finished then you have to recharge. 

In general case virtual web whatsapp marketing is use full to promote stores, exhibitions, organizations, if you are looking for lead generation then you can choose our personal cloud base bulk whatsapp sender (there is 3 to 7 days free trial of personal whatsapp by clicking ) or you can go with bulk sms

Yes, you there is report features in whatsapp section, one thing you have to know that about reporting features in virtual bulk whatsapp is all the panels report accuracy is 80% 

No, it is one way communication platform, when user tries to connected on that virtual number, that number is out of reach or switch off, But you can put your number between content for result.

When you put your data on server that is  summited to server side, all the data's are deleted within 1 week from the server due to heavy load on server. secondly data vs uploaded data ( actual data comes with all the details like, mob, name, email, add, location ) and customer uploaded data is in just mobile  number form so it is not use full for any companies, as well as we also assure for data security.