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WhatsApp Multi-Sender Software

Our Bulk WhatsApp sender service allows you to send automated messages to multiple contacts or groups on WhatsApp. Improve your communication with personalized messages and detailed delivery reports.

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WhatsApp Mult-Sender

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software is a tool that automates sending a large number of messages on WhatsApp. Ampala Bulk WhatsApp, a specific software, simplifies bulk messaging, supports multi-channel communication, and provides analytics for campaign performance evaluation.

Features Of Personal WhatsApp Sender Software

Our Ampala Bulk WhatsApp sender service is a tool that allows users to send automated messages to multiple contacts or groups on the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. The service makes it easier to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently, without the need for manual messaging.

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Efficient and Time-saving

Bulk WhatsApp software automates the process of sending messages to multiple recipients, saving time and effort compared to manual messaging. It allows businesses to reach a large audience quickly and efficiently.

Cost-effective Communication

Sending bulk messages through WhatsApp can be cost-effective compared to traditional SMS or other marketing channels. yearly cost around 1500/- to 8000/-

Personalization and Engagement

Bulk WhatsApp software often provides features for personalization, allowing businesses to tailor messages with dynamic variables and engage recipients on a more individual level. This personal touch can enhance customer engagement and response rates.

Difference Between Botmaster VS Multi Sender

Single User account

  • Scan and login with one device 
  • Send Message through one number at a time
  • Upload file up to 1 MB
  • WhatsApp Number Filter 
  • WhatsApp Group contact extractor 
  • Upload contact manually or excel
  • Auto Reply Chat Bot
  • Send Unsend Reports
  • Supported Window 10 and above ( 10,11)

Multi- User account login

  • Scan and login with multiple device
  • Send Message through different number rotation
  • Get reply on single number
  • Upload file up to more than 30 MB
  • WhatsApp Number Filter 
  • WhatsApp Group contact extractor 
  • Save and Create Message Template
  • Upload contact manually or excel
  • Send Dynamic Message
  • Duplicate / Invalid Contact Removed
  • Button Message
  • Auto Reply Chat Bot
  • Welcome Message
  • Send Unsend Reports
  • Re send other message to existing contact
  • Supported Window 7 and above ( 8,10,11)