International WhatsApp Marketing

Send thousand of WhatsApp per day.

Get best international bulk whatsapp service through AIS provider  ( virtual number whatsapp as well as personal number software )

Let's see what you will get

Unlimited Text ( Character )

Send unlimited text content in whatsapp messages.

Send 4 images

Send 4 images along with text content file limit 1mb.

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Send 1 Video

Send 1 video  along with text content and images, video file limit should be 3 mb.

Send 1 PDF

Send 1 pdf brochure with text video and images, pdf file limit 1mb.


Add number by copy and past

Working Days

Monday to Saturday 10 am to 6 pm

Delivery Time

10 Minutes to 2 Hours

Delivery Report

Get sent or non-whatsapp delivery report.

Credit Refund

Non deliver refund in 40 to 72 hours.

Training / Support

Easy to access and well support

Best International bulk whatsapp marketing service

Ampala International Whatsapp marketing service provide has two types of whatsapp system, one is one way communication system and other one is two way communication.

Send through virtual numbers.

One Way Communication International WhatsApp

In One-way International WhatsApp communication system used to promote brands, like malls, stores, shop or any information,  one way WhatsApp have unique virtual numbers so that each and every customer received your message via unique virtual numbers, you can not receive any replies from the customers.

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Send through personal numbers.

Two Way Communication Bulk WhatsApp marketing vadodara

In Two way bulk whatsapp communication service, you can send whatsapp messages via your numbers and get replies from customers to your number

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Comparison in One Way or Two Way Communication Bulk Whatsapp

One Way Communication ( Risk FREE )

  • You should have to purchase credits of international whatsapp.
  • No Limitation of sending ( you can send daily thousands of whatsapp messages on thousands of contact
  • No require personal number ( because of international virtual  already installed  with web application
  • You can send 4 images 1 video or  pdf at a time.
  • You can’t able to receive replies  from your customers because of one way system, you are able to send information ( Note : For response you have to add your contact details in content.
  • You will get reports of sent whatsapp, non-whatsapp, un delivered  users.

Two Way Communication ( On Risk )

  • No need purchase credits of international whatsapp.
  • Limitation of sending ( you can send daily  100 or more Number of whatsapp  messages to your contact by your risk  )
  • Require personal number ( High Risk Of whatsapp banned issue )
  • You can send Unlimited images, video or  pdf at a time.
  • You will get  replies  from your audience because of two way system
  • You will get reports of sent whatsapp, non-whatsapp, un delivered  users 
Premium Bulk WhatsApp
Bulk WhatsApp Software

Get best international bulk whatsapp marketing service with so many features.

In Virtual number whatsapp marketing, you will get some of the features

  • No need to send with your number, their is inbuild lot’s of virtual number
  • No need to worried about banned 
  • 4 image 1 Video 1 PDF
  • Accurate Report, who received or not, 
  • Non-Whatsapp report
  • Credit Refund features 
  • In this system, you need to buy credits of whatsapp
  • No limit to sending ( Unlimited )
  • For Response you need to mention your contact details in your message

In Personal Whatsapp marketing service, you will get software

  • You need to scan your web whatsapp with software
  • Send via your number and receive replies on your number
  • Unlimited image, Video, Pdf
  • Number Banned Risk High
  • Daily limit to send with 1 Number is 350 to 400
  • Whatsapp number filter
  • Free Updates
  • No need to buy credits

Chat Bot & API System.

Ampala provides chat bot and API system to integrate into existing running web application or software, whether you want to share bill copy or brochure directly to your customer.
Also when someone visits your website and at that time enter WhatsApp mobile number in given form then chat bot automatically send message through WhatsApp.

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