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Are you worried about to getting banned on whatsapp ? Don’t worry here we at AIS verified business whatsapp API service provider in New York provide all types of Whatsapp marketing solution.

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Bulk WhatsApp Sender Service provider in New york, USA

Welcome to AIS, a premier Verified WhatsApp Business API company Providing WhatsApp Marketing Service in New York as well. As the world’s largest instant messaging platform, WhatsApp has become a crucial tool for businesses looking to reach their customers.

Our company specializes in providing innovative solutions to help businesses effectively engage and communicate with their target audience through WhatsApp. We are proud to offer a “Verified WhatsApp Business API ” and “WhatsApp Chatbot Meta Verified service” that delivers unparalleled results. Whether you are looking to send large numbers of messages in an automated and efficient manner, or manage all your WhatsApp communication from a single platform, we have the solution for you. With our cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, we are dedicated to helping businesses succeed in the digital world.

Official Business WhatsApp

Official Verified Green Tick Whatsapp allows you to manage existing customer with chat bot and broadcast messages without getting banned.

WhatsApp Sender Software

Premium Bulk Whatsapp sender software with unlimited whatsapp number login account and number rotation.

Virtual WhatsApp Panel

Send Unlimited one way communication message through virtual credit based  bulk whatsapp web panel.

Official Verified WhatsApp API

Integrate Whatsapp api and send pdf, image automatically through your CRM or web application

verified business whatsapp api in dubai uae


Bring your team together to chat with customers, answer queries, handle support, increase retention and more. 

  • Shared Chat inbox like WhatsApp
  • Share ready-to-use templates for a faster response
  • Include multiple user in same chat with customer
  • Attach Media files 
  • 360° customer view  


Upload your customers from excel sheets and start reaching out to them directly in their most favorite application – WhatsApp. Create customer Lists and Segments based on their actions and likings.
  • Create stages
  • Chat Inbox
  • Add follow ups
  • Send templates with media
  • Import/export Excel
  • Search, Filters, Reports
verified business whatsapp api in dubai uae
verified business whatsapp api in dubai uae


Reach multiple customers at once with campaigns. With ampala Businesses can track campaign outcomes and on that basis, perform important actions. 

  • Create templates
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Filter results like sent, delivered, failed, read and replied
  • Export results
  • Assign bulk data to users


Now days, ChatBots are the No.1 requirement of every business. Create workflows with Chatbots to auto engage customers.

  • Create Workflows with drag n drop blocks 
  • APIs Call for triggers
  • Setup buttons, links, options and more to get inputs from customers.
  • Lead qualification
  • Auto-Data Collection
  • Auto-Segmentation
  • Schedule campaigns
  • Filter results like sent, delivered, failed, read and replied
  • Export results
  • Assign bulk data to users
  • Search, Filters & Reports – Opt-in/out for better campaigning
verified business whatsapp api in dubai uae

WhatsApp Sender

Our Bulk WhatsApp sender service in New York allows you to send messages to multiple contacts  on WhatsApp. Improve your communication with personalized messages and detailed delivery reports, you just have to scan code and verify your all multiple device in single system

Bulk WhatsApp Sender Service provider in New York

  • Send WhatsApp through more than one number
  • Broadcast Any Media File.
  • Add multiple number in a system
  • Use with mobile or any device ( Software installation )
  • You Can Send Polls Message
  • Auto Res-ponder and Auto Sender
  • Group data grabber 
  • Save Contact / Template in whatsapp system
  • Download Report
  • Add Contact Group Manually as well as Excel Upload
Business Whatsapp API Dubai

Virtual WhatsApp ( One Way Communication )

One way communication used to send information or store promotion activity, due to one way communication we can not get any replies from receiver, let’s say if you have store in New York and now you want to promote offer or information on whatsapp then you can send upto 1 lakh messages in one say through virtual whatsapp panel.   

Official Business WhatsApp API Bulk Marketing Service Provider in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Malaysia, Pune, Mumbai, Brazil

Virtual Bulk WhatsApp Panel Service in New York

Broadcast Millions Of WhatsApp messages through Virtual Numbers in a single day Called One way communication.

Virtual numbers are often used in bulk WhatsApp messaging to avoid being banned for violating the platform’s terms of service. Virtual numbers are phone numbers that are not tied to a physical SIM card or device, but instead are redirected to a different phone number or system. When using virtual numbers for bulk WhatsApp messaging, the messages are sent from the virtual number, not the personal number of the sender.

  • Send 1 Lakh WhatsApp Per Day
  • Broadcast Any Media File.
  • Prepaid System ( Credit based )
  • Non-WhatsApp Credit Refund
  • Use with mobile or any device
  • 90% Ratio of Delivery and Report
  • Download Report


Add number by copy and past

Working Days

Mon to Saturday

Delivery Time

10 Minutes to 2 Hours

Delivery Report

Get sent or non-whatsapp delivery report.

Credit Refund

Non deliver refund in 40 to 72 hours.

Training / Support

Easy to access and well support

Difference of Whatsapp solution

Get know differences of whatsapp marketing service in New York

Official Business WhatsApp API

  • Need to verify your business through META
  • No Risk of Number Ban
  • Send Unlimited Whatsapp ( Each Message Chargeable )
  • Per Message Charge Applicable after ( 24 Hours )
  • Unlimited Chatbot ( Automate Message )
  • Assign Chat to Team
  • Schedule Any Message
  • Official API to send invoice, OTP, etc
  • Get All Transaction and chats report

WhatsApp Sender Software

  • No need to purchase credits of whatsapp.
  • Limitation of sending ( you can send daily  200 to 800 No of whatsapp messages through single personal number (Whatsapp service in New York)
  • Require personal number ( Little bit Risk Of whatsapp banned issue )
  • You can send Unlimited images, video or  pdf at a time.
  • You will get  replies  from your customers because of two way system
  • Get Delivery Reports of sent whatsapp, non-whatsapp, un delivered  users ( New York )

Virtual WhatsApp Web Panel

  • You should have to purchase credits of whatsapp.
  • No Limitation of sending ( you can send daily lakhs of whatsapp messages on lakhs of contact in New York )
  • You can send 4 images 1 video or  pdf buttons at a time.
  • You can’t receive replies  from your customers because of one way system, you are able to send informations ( but for response you should add your contact details in your content so that your audience get connect with you 
  • Get Delivery reports of sent whatsapp, non-whatsapp, un delivered  users of your city ( New York )